October is all about transformation…. Bright Autumn colours, leaves turning red, burning bonfires, the excitement, spookiness and fun of Halloween costumes and fancy dress, Mexican Day of the Dead / Día de los Muertos sugar skull makeup. Turquoise blue and marigold orange, two colours associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead festivities and with sugarskull facepaint designs, are two of my personal favourites; my go-to colours for a burst of energy and spark for many of my own facepainting designs. They’re often the colours that people point to if they’re having trouble choosing a favourite and when I ask them which facepaints they’re particularly drawn to. It’s a beautiful, complimentary clash because blue & orange sit at opposite ends of the colour wheel and I just love them. There’s something about the colour combo which is magical to the point of being supernatural. Which is fitting, I guess, given the time of year.