It’s been one of the most exciting Christmas season’s EVER, with so many incredible events, having met so many wonderful people, and being asked for so many imaginative designs! Reindeer, ice princess, snow angels, arctic wolves, sugar plum fairy, christmas pudding; You name it, we’ve painted it! If you’re reading this after the 25th, perhaps Santa left one of those little palettes of six paints in your stocking and you’re not quite sure what you can paint with it? Or maybe you have some orange, black and white paints left over from trying out your Halloween facepainting skills? If you need some inspiration for home-play face-painting over the holidays, here it is. You don’t need to be using professional face paint kits or have years of experience to try out a very basic penguin face paint design. I broke down a penguin design into three very simple & easy-to-follow stages for the Snazaroo tutorials online. Playing around at home with this design doesn’t require the full kit of an experienced facepaint artist, so at most, you only need to invest in some brushes, two sponges, and some black, white & orange face paint. If you do have some cosmetic glitter (be sure that it is safe, cosmetic grade and designed for this use), then that will give your final design an icy sparkle. Follow the instructions here:

Have fun!!!