Do you love a bit of glitter? Of course you do! It’s the final magical touch to many a great facepaint and it’s everywhere, especially around festival season. The rain on the parade, though, is the fact that glitter is considered a form of micro-plastic and becoming of increasing concern to marine conservation experts. In that light, glitter rather loses its appeal.

But there are alternatives and things are changing fast. Last year the cosmetic brand Lush led the way in taking seriously the environmentally-unfriendly effects of micro-plastics by replacing glitter in its products with biodegradable alternatives. Now that is something to celebrate!

It’s a tricky one because this is still an emerging market with many products still proving difficult to formulate with the substituted use of biodegradable glitter. Thankfully though, we’re beginning to see a greater availability of bio glitter products. We’ll always choose the biodegradable option wherever possible because it doesn’t always have to be a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea!

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