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The best way to remove facepaint
When the party’s over and it’s time to go to bed, simply remove facepaint with a face cloth dampened with mild soapy warm water.
What we’ll need at your event
All we need to get the party started is a table and two chairs for each artist, in a well-lit area and with overhead cover if situated outdoors.
Payment & Cancellation Policy
Our payment terms are within 7 days of the event date. Late payment charges apply beyond this period, unless priorly agreed. A deposit payment is required to secure the session, unless otherwise discussed at point of booking.

Deposits are non-refundable. In the highly unlikely event that your allocated artist is unable to attend due to ill health or unavoidable & unforeseen circumstances, and a replacement cannot be found, your full payment will be refunded. Cancellation within four weeks prior to the party or event date attracts a cancellation charge at 50% of the total fee. Should a cancellation be made within seven days in advance of the event date, payment of the full balance applies.

General Terms & Conditions

It is the client’s responsibility when choosing and booking a venue for the event to obtain permission for us to paint at the venue/event.

It is the client’s responsibility to let guests and/or parents of children know that we will be providing the activity of face painting or makeup at the event. Equally it is the client’s responsibility to advise the artist if there are any guests/children that cannot be painted.

Snapdragon Face & Body Art takes the privacy of their clients and the importance of discretion at certain types of events very seriously. However, unless requested not to do so, our artists will publicise Snapdragon Face & Body Art in the form of business cards, branding and social media presence.

Artists may occasionally ask permission to take photographs of face painted guests, unless requested not to by parents, clients or guests. Photographs are intended for use in publicity such as social media, website gallery or printed material. We will not feature names or identify events in those pictured, unless with express permission.

Children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times. For safety reasons, please don’t allow guests to play in the area designated for facepainting.  

We apply products with the greatest amount of due care and attention. In case you find that there’s face paint on clothing, this should wash out with normal detergent. However, artists will not be held responsible for any stains that don’t come out in the wash.

We cannot guarantee that products that we apply will not irritate or cause a reaction, since sensitivities can develop at any age and without prior warning. If you consent to us applying our products, this is undertaken at your own risk.

We will assume that children under 16 approach us to be facepainted will have been permitted by the adult supervising them.

We will not paint children under the age of 2. This age range is at greater risk of sensitivity to products. We trust that a child is over 2 if the parent, guardian or event host tells us so.

Our artists will always do their best to encourage guests to have their face painted but they will only face paint a person who expressly wants to be face painted.

Our artists won’t paint images, symbols or words that they consider to be offensive.





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