Dahlia Inspiration

What’s your favourite flower? When a little girl asked me this question, I really had to stop and think. I was facepainting her at a party in Mews of Mayfair, the walk way to which is in fact lined with beautiful bright red geraniums. It was a very sunny day – one of these early Autumn days which make London feel especially exciting and colourful. The face paint design that I’d painted for her included pink roses, a butterfly and lots of sparkle (of course). But I couldn’t decide which flower is my absolute favourite, which is funny because I am so happy when I’m facepainting flowers on people. But the thing is that I have so many favourites! Maybe, though, at this time of year, as summer fades and we’re all looking forward to the magical months ahead, it’s got to be dahlias. There’s something really majestic and sculptural about these flowers. I love these gorgeous deep orange ones. I’ll change my mind again, but for now, in answer to her question (if she’s reading), it’s definitely dahlias that are my inspiration right now.