Snazaroo Penguin Facepaint Design Tutorial

It's been one of the most exciting Christmas season's EVER, with so many incredible events, having met so many wonderful people, and being asked for so many imaginative designs! Reindeer, ice princess, snow angels, arctic wolves, sugar plum fairy,...

The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook

If you believe in unicorns, I have good news! There is a magical unicorn society AND there's an official handbook too! I discovered The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook in London Piccadilly's Waterstones bookstore a few months ago when I was...

Supernatural Season’s Greetings

October is all about transformation.... Bright Autumn colours, leaves turning red, burning bonfires, the excitement, spookiness and fun of Halloween costumes and fancy dress, Mexican Day of the Dead / Día de los Muertos sugar skull makeup. Turquoise blue...

Living Well One Line a Day

I’m so glad I bought this 5 year diary for reflection. It’s been a really interesting but undemanding way of looking back over the past couple of years so far. I have a weakness for stationery (but hey, show me a creative person who doesn’t!), and I bought...

May the (Spooky) Force Be With You

When I facepainted for a party of girls in Regents Park - so near London Zoo, it was just a hop and a skip away from the tigers! - I was over the moon to be asked for imaginative designs like a 'rainbow R2D2' and 'Yoda with vines and glitter'. Or...

Dahlia Inspiration

Dahlia Inspiration What's your favourite flower? When a little girl asked me this question, I really had to stop and think. I was facepainting her at a party in Mews of Mayfair, the walk way to which is in fact lined with beautiful bright red geraniums. It...

What happens when you dare to do something different?

I met a lovely lady at a wonderful event who’d never had any kind of face or body art before, and she took a bit of a chance when she asked for a very specific tattoo-style painting of a hummingbird. She liked it so much that she came back for something...

International Year of the Reef

International Year of the Reef. Did you know that you can visit live corals in Forest Hill? The Horniman Museum is not only one of the most fascinating places you can visit in London - and not just because of that walrus - but it also houses an aquarium...

New Website

Welcome to the blog for Snapdragon Face & Body Art, London’s leading supplier of face and body art for events!

Bio- Glitter

Bio-Glitter Do you love a bit of glitter? Of course you do! It’s the final magical touch to many a great facepaint and it’s everywhere, especially around festival season. The rain on the parade, though, is the fact that glitter is considered a form of micro-plastic...



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Friends, I’d just like to interrupt your festive season flow to remind you that it’s totally ok to be a fish if you want to be a fish.


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